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Elective Affinities

MISANI and MDF Italia, two equal diversity


Opening during Fuorisalone:

Martedì 4 aprile: 10:00 - 21:00
Mercoledì 5 aprile: 10:00 - 19:00
Giovedì 6 aprile: 10:00 - 19:00
Venerdì 7 aprile: 10:00 - 21:00
Sabato 8 aprile: 10:00 - 19:00
Domenica 9 aprile: 10:00 - 19:00

In the design week in Milan from 4 to 9 April the historical Milanese jewellery brand MISANI will present in its boutique in the heart of Brera Sign Filo, the iconic armchair designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga for MDF Italia.

 The new MISANI venue challenges the classical norms of traditional jewelry and for this entrusts its furnishing solutions to the silent, but surprising, design of MDF Italia.

In this context, the MISANI collection and the Sign Filo are a perfect combination: the lightness and simplicity of Sign Filo meets the diversity and the pride of MISANI creations.

Fortyfive meters of steel wire with gold finish are drawing the silhouette of Sign Filo whose creation process evokes the ancient fine-jewelry technique of filigree. As for the creation of MISANI jewels, the individual components of the seat are assembled manually by the artisan.

The space will be enriched with an innovative, sensory exhibition realized by Green Bricks under the artistic direction of landscape architect Monica Botta. A vertical garden will emphasise the surfaces and shapes, giving life to an environment exposed to the sweet scent of the arriving spring, and breaking with the linearity and colour scheme of the setting.

For one week the window of the MISANI boutique sets in scene the tale of two brands that have reached the point of arrival in their pursuit of excellence.



Andrea Albanese

For Andrea Albanese, artist from Varese, images are born spontaneous; what he feels in a particular moment, free of constraints, takes shape on the canvas. You will be conquered by the depth, richness and variety of his techniques. Constantly experimenting, he never gives up on color and the freedom of the composition. An artist that chooses to use matter, not to make sculptures, but to paint. He collaborates with architects and artists and has been carefully curating MISANI's boutique in the heart of Brera from 2016.

Green Bricks

Green Bricks is a business reality that deep hits roots in his founders long lasting experience since the 80's, specialised in design and implantation of roof gardens, vertical gardens and landscape.  Thanks to a deep knowledge of the industry, of the technical aspects and of the products, tested both nationally and internationally, in collaboration with leader companies, Green Bricks developed innovative construction metods, that are the state of the art of landscape design and technical green with high standard of sustainability.

MDF Italia

MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design. MDF Italia’s success is rooted in the ability to represent contemporary culture, to sense and anticipate trends, responding to the changes in taste as well as to the modern requirements of home living. MDF Italia was set up with a dynamic entrepreneurial and product strategy in mind and always focusing on design and simplicity as core values in selecting projects and designers. Driven by a corporate philosophy based on concepts such as research of formal simplicity by removing the superfluous and the overcoming established patterns. MDF Italia realize furniture that integrates creativity, innovation and technology, aiming to create an imaginative, essential and impressive design. Each product of the MDF Italia collection is the result of a continuous research and cooperation with designers to deliver high quality manufacturing that comprises every aspect of the production, from the selection of used materials to the adopted technical solutions, as well as to the declared quality standards which are pursued in each and every small detail.


The production of quality jewelry, handmade by expert goldsmiths, is what makes Misani stand out since its foundation in 1965 in Milan. Because of its quality Misani has become a prominent brand within the high jewelry sector. Misani jewelry does not go unnoticed: shape, material, colour; every element is an explicit statement of independence and originality.

Monica Botta

Landscape architect specialist in therapeutic,  sensory and healing garden's design, but also temporary "green" installations. She is the curatrix and artistic director of numerous cultural and design events, with a strong naturalistic component. She also designs installations and temporary gardens for fairs and exhibitions.

Misani - Via Ponte Vetero, 22

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