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Texture’s overlapping

Three designers and a photographer are compared in a common project through a single language


Opening during Fuorisalone:

4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 aprile: 10.00 - 21.00
6 aprile: Evento inaugurazione 17.00 - 22.00

Our multimedia exhibition dedicated to bags and jewels. The inspiration comes from nature and the human capacity to change the environment, a journey from east to west following the paths of Architecture, Fashion and Design. Three designers and a photographer are compared in a common project through a common language.


Gioielli modulari by Elifontana

The kinetic jewelry modulating line (Circle in the circle, Golden Rectangle, Algae and OM), patented more than fifteen years ago, born from Elisabetta Fontana research on shape and materials, and inaugurate a new way of conceiving the jewel not only as monile purely aesthetic, but also as an interactive and playful element of the wearer. After high school he attended graphic to the Sforzesco Castle School of Art in Milan and finally graduated in design with a thesis entitled "modularity and kinetics in jewelry design." Expert connoisseur of traditional goldsmith techniques, gained by attending Milanese artisans and artists including the sculptor Davide De Paoli and his school "PriMateria" Elisabetta Fontana, she combines the technical craft to industrial processes. Using the impernatura and joints, instead of the traditional casting, the author manages to create dynamic jewelry – kinetic and rotating - using the assembly of geometric elements. Modular dynamism which is in turn actuated by the wearer that activates it making kinetic. Circles, rectangles and square sections, combine together, forming figures geometric perfect from clear symbolic value. In Circle in the circle, the sum of circles form a pentagon, clearly interpretable as a symbol universal harmony. The physical structure blends into the symbolic and metaphysical structure of the figures. Based on the principles of the golden ratio and the Bauhaus techniques, Elisabetta Fontana realizes the changing jewels that turn into pendants to rings and buckles. The creations of the line called “MODULANDO” is delineated by a continuous manipulation of modular geometry, analytical survey of the materials and playful and symbolic significance that goes beyond the object itself.

Kimikim Milan

The italian brand Kimikim was born in 2012 from the long experience and the same passion for fashion, which for over twenty years characterizes the work of Itko. A constant search for new trends, the use of fine materials and absolute quality, continuous attention to the market responses, makes this brand unique, elegant and creative. It is an international brand by its very nature, the result of a team-work that combines the taste and italian excellence to new creativity, the young global trends, innovative and without borders: a concept defined and modern accompanying the choices of a woman "World Citizen", dynamic, practical and elegant, free by nature.

Olindo Merone_2+1 officina architettura

Olindo Merone received a Bachelor’s degree in 1994 as Architect at the University of Naples Federico II. Between 1996 and 1997, he expanded his skillset and knowledge in Austria at the Technische Universitat of Graz. He successfully completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 2006 at the Faculty of Engineering of Cagliari. His thesis was focused on the development of a design system that integrates design and construction of pre-fabricated buildings through the generation of a direct link between computer and CNC machine. Olindo Merone currently works as professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Cagliari, teaching exhibition and new-media and leading design workshops as elective course. In 1998 he opens his own office in Cagliari where he explores new aspects of the architectural process translated in a continuous and intense professional activity that spans from building design to furniture design and multimedia exhibitions. In 2006 he founded the architectural firm “2+1 Officina Architettura” in association with Fabio Lilliu and Gianni Massa. The group performs in the field of artistic and architectural design and is mainly focused on the development of contemporary art and architecture. “2+1 Officina Architettura” promotes all the aspects of the contemporary design and encourages the attitudes towards research, avant-garde and “superimpositions”, with emphasis on the cross-cultural interaction between traditional artistic disciplines and new video-digital media.

Saverio Merone

Saverio Merone, is an international Photographer since 1997 . Photojournalist before, represented from intrenational press Agencies, He has published thousands of images on the major weekly magazines and newspapers. Expert in Fashion, Television and Advertising and worldly Events. From 2011 to 2015 he founded and directed Starry Way Studio in China (Guangzhou-Hong Kong), producing catalogs and Adv campaigns for international clients, and also realizing, two important Photo exhibitions , sponsored by the Italian Consulate in China. In 2016 he returned to Italy in Milan, continues its activities in Art and Photography

KimiKim - Foro Buonaparte, 67

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